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Want to sell more products?

Gumroad recommends that you sell your products in tiers: in a recent conference talk, Ryan Delk mentioned that "products with tiers bring in 5 times more revenue" than those without. In fact, if you put most of your value in your top-tier product, it can bring in up 62% of your total revenue!

Pros like Sacha Greif, Brennan Dunn and Nathan Barry use landing pages with tiered pricing to drive more sales for the their eBooks, and other digital products.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 Hello World
  • 7 Define Your Goal
  • 11 Build Something People Want
  • 11 How to succeed
  • 16 Finding your audience
  • 25 Research
  • 31 Target their pain
  • 39 The Lean Marketing Stack
  • 39 Overview
  • 46 Setting up Segment
  • 54 Using Google Webmaster Tools
  • 59 Using Google Analytics
  • 67 Using Mixpanel
  • 77 Before You Launch
  • 77 Two marketing channels to focus on
  • 81 How to write blog posts that get noticed
  • 87 How to build an email list
  • 92 Set a price
  • 97 Launching
  • 97 How to build a street team
  • 102 Your launch plan
  • 106 Your launch checklist
  • 109 After Your Launch
  • 109 How growth works
  • 115 Get more leads
  • 127 Guide your leads through the funnel
  • 138 Close the deal: ask for the sale
  • 146 Case Studies
  • 146 Tracy Osborn
  • 148 Nathan Kontny
  • 150 Sean Fioritto
  • 152 Garrett Dimon
  • 155 Closing Thoughts
  • Download complete table of contents

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